Preconstruction Services

Pre-construction Services

Making sure the details are taken into account and the proper plan of action is in place ensures that your project’s expectations and onsite execution are one in the same. At Jollay Masonry, we lean on our firm’s 50 years of experience in the commercial industry to provide preconstruction services that take into account the details that are required for your project to achieve success.

Scope Estimation

Jollay MasonryUnderstanding the scope of work to be accomplished as well as the quantity of each product utilized is crucial in developing a price that takes into account the project intent. Our firm uses our knowledge of the past combined with the technology of today to ensure the estimates we produce meet the demands of your project.

Value Analysis

Jollay MasonryIn today’s world, a combination of increasing construction prices and tighter short-term financing creates challenges for the construction industry to meet the specified requirements within budget. Our industry experience allows us to know the aspects of our scope which can be altered to meet the budgetary requirements without sacrificing the aesthetics or performance of your project.

Material Procurement

Jollay MasonryEnsuring the material logistics are timely executed to meet the demands of your job is crucial to your operation. At Jollay Masonry, we pride ourselves on our ability to coordinate the material needs on the most demanding projects in the industry. To accomplish this, we rely on a strong network of vendor relationships accompanied by our firm’s strategic planning and coordination capabilities. You now have the assurance that your site’s complex material needs are met efficiently and without delay.

Scope Specific Schedule Development

Jollay MasonrySetting realistic durations that take into account the most efficient sequencing and phasing processes makes sure your project meets deadlines and holds to the critical path. We take into account the integration concerns with other trades that need to be thoroughly understood to make sure the plan devised allows for an efficient work flow. Embedded within all this is the level of quality that must be accomplished to create partnerships and products that stand the test of time.