“Safety is measured by the results achieved through
our firm’s actions.”

At Jollay Masonry, we take jobsite safety seriously. We know that for a project to achieve success, the safety goals set forth for each job should be met be all members of our team. In our desire to produce a first class safety program, we have developed a cyclical business process to utilize in our daily operations:


Before starting a task, our employees look at the work location and determine what hazards exist. We identify these hazards and review methods to mitigate the issues in order to provide a safe work area.


After auditing the area, our employees take our action plan and begin the execution strategy. If unforeseen obstacles are encountered, we restart the process to ensure we safely navigate the unforeseen challenges.


After a work area is complete, we review the pros and cons to our previous plan, and then apply what was learned to our future processes. Our goal is to increase the communication to our onsite employees of jobsite specific hazards and to leverage what we learn to provide the best opportunity to achieve an accident free workplace.